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Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Been A Year...

It's been a year, a glorious year since that stupid cancer diagnosis. And I'm here, I feel good and have no complaints! Cancer might be stupid, but life is good!

Today's post is about cancer, but not my own. Instead, it's about a hard fought battle and 2 other lives... lives I didn't even know...

I would like to introduce you to the Morgan family. Last Fall, 11Alive News aired a story about Ryan, apparently someone stole his new puppy. Was this big news? Well not what you would call big news to the Atlanta area but it was big news for this family. You see, it wasn't an ordinary puppy and Ryan wasn't an ordinary little boy; Ryan had cancer and the puppy filled him with joy. It was a sad story that you hoped had a happy ending...

It had been months since hearing anything about the Morgans - until the article in this morning's newspaper: . I do not know this family but their story is a tribute to their strength and love for one another. I learned much more by visiting their blog: and encourage you to do the same. There are stories like these unfolding all across America every day, however this story was in my own backyard and so close to home.

So today's entry is about cancer... though not my own as I am here to write this post. It's about a family who has shown this community what's most important in life. And the community will pay tribute to them this afternoon. This is my little tribute to the Morgan's... I hope you will get to know them...

1 comment:

JuliaA said...

glad to hear that you're feeling good! i'm off to check out your links.

(is this gonna make me cry? i guess i'll find out) :)

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