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If you see something here you like but prefer a different color or have your own vision of piece of jewelry - let me know - I love doing custom pieces.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Front Page... Again!

Oh my my... I can't believe my latest "Out On A Limb" treasury made Etsy's front page! This is the second treasury I've curated that found its way there however... both times it hit while I was sleeping! I believe I will have to forego sleep from now on - this is enough justification don't you think! :D

I would like to thank Sarah Jane of the Genuine Article (she was featured in the treasury) for getting a screen shot and sending it on to me. Otherwise, I could only imagine how the treasury really looked out front!

Treasuries are entirely too much fun to construct... I already have ideas for 2 more so I'll be stalking the treasuries soon... very soon... bwahahahahahahaha!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


A GEORGIA BULLDOG! We are 1 of 8 teams who've made it to the College World Series! After facing elimination in the loser's bracket of the regional tournament, this team fought back and are now on our way to Omaha!! Goooooo Dawgs! Sic 'em!! Looks like we have a little hurricane to tame! Having sat through 7 baseball games in the past week at Foley Field - in the worst heat too (today was 101 degrees!) I must admit, I'm not getting much jewelry made these days. With what little energy I've had left... I managed to complete 3 custom items but that's it. Maybe I need to create a baseball piece... Hmmmm...
Until then, here's my "Sunflower Symphony" necklace. At least it has a summer theme and baseball players are known as the 'boys of summer.' LOL!

BeadNest Designs



Gymnastics rules in our house! My daughter is a competitive gymnast and we travel all over the State for her to compete. We also love the University of Georgia Gym Dogs and never miss a home meet. On March 29, 2008 the Gym Dogs won their 16th SEC Championship and it was every bit as exciting as we could hope!! In April '08, UGA won their 4th consecutive National Championship at home in Athens GA!!

In 2009 - the theme was "All In For 10" and the GymDogs successfully captured their record setting 10th overall and 5th consecutive national championship!

As the 2010 GymDog season begins, Jay Clark takes the helm as the new coach for the UGA Gymnastics program. We're looking forward to an exciting season!

Goooo Dawgs!

My Gym Girl

My Gym Girl



So you think gymnastics is easy??

So you think gymnastics is easy??

Still think gymnastics is easy?

Still think gymnastics is easy?