Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Robin & I've been creating "wearable art" since 2003. If you're looking for handcrafted jewelry with a unique and affordable twist, I specialize in pieces that have a variety of gemstones, American-made handcrafted lampwork glass, Swarovski crystal and hand-forged/wire-wrapped metals. I use only quality components so my jewelry can become a cherished treasure for you or someone special!

If you see something here you like but prefer a different color or have your own vision of piece of jewelry - let me know - I love doing custom pieces.

Thanks and have a great day! :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Comes To A Close

I haven't had much time in the last half of 2009 to blog :( Here's a quick run down...

  • 1 year cancer-free
  • Half way through my graduate coursework
  • New boss, new rules and things are looking up
  • New little rescue dog who wants to play with the cats but they aren't so sure about him

I'm finding little time for Etsy, but am still trying to keep things afloat. I made a new pair of earrings for the first time in ages so I'll show them off here! :)

Hopefully blogging will be more frequent in 2010! Happy New Year everyone!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Been A Year...

It's been a year, a glorious year since that stupid cancer diagnosis. And I'm here, I feel good and have no complaints! Cancer might be stupid, but life is good!

Today's post is about cancer, but not my own. Instead, it's about a hard fought battle and 2 other lives... lives I didn't even know...

I would like to introduce you to the Morgan family. Last Fall, 11Alive News aired a story about Ryan, apparently someone stole his new puppy. Was this big news? Well not what you would call big news to the Atlanta area but it was big news for this family. You see, it wasn't an ordinary puppy and Ryan wasn't an ordinary little boy; Ryan had cancer and the puppy filled him with joy. It was a sad story that you hoped had a happy ending...

It had been months since hearing anything about the Morgans - until the article in this morning's newspaper: . I do not know this family but their story is a tribute to their strength and love for one another. I learned much more by visiting their blog: and encourage you to do the same. There are stories like these unfolding all across America every day, however this story was in my own backyard and so close to home.

So today's entry is about cancer... though not my own as I am here to write this post. It's about a family who has shown this community what's most important in life. And the community will pay tribute to them this afternoon. This is my little tribute to the Morgan's... I hope you will get to know them...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 Months Later... Lots of Changes...

Blog neglect, blog neglect, blog neglect. Yes, I'm guilty as charged. It's hard to believe that it's been 3 months since my last post. What have I been doing all this time? In a word or 2... work and kitties. It's been a busy 3 months. We've closed out another school year and have begun to get ready for yet another (ugh!). On a personal note however, there have been a few changes around the house. My beloved 10 year old kitty, Smokey, went to kitty heaven last week. A few months ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and we've spent these months treating him with subcutaneous fluids and frequent visits to the vet. Our efforts helped keep him comfortable for a few more months, but the disease finally took him from us. He passed away in the early afternoon of Tuesday, June 2 and thankfully my husband was with him. I don't think little animals understand what happens as they approach death but I know they are aware when their people are near so having human comfort was important... and I'm thankful.

Smokey was my faithful companion for 10 years - he knew all my secrets and deepest fears. He was a loving lap cat and if you sat down in 1 place long enough - he would plop down and purr for as long as you would let him. He was patient as his house was overrun with 4 orphaned kittens - he welcomed them and loved them as if he were one of their clan. He was an escape artist - as an indoor cat he loved to run outside and roll in the dirt whenever given the chance. He was loyal - he would follow you all over the house and spent many hours at my feet as I worked in my studio, often looking at me as if to ask "why can't I play in the beads too?" He was unique - a solid black, long-haired cat with a few "freckles," random white hairs atop his head and neck. Smokey was adopted from our local cat shelter when he was 5 months old and the worker said she had never seen a solid black cat with wisps of white fur, they always had white patches... but not Smokey.

I've owned cats all of my life, I still have those 4 once-orphaned kittens (they are now 2 years old), but never has there been a kitty like Smokey. He will be missed and I'm so thankful to have had 10 wonderful years. The picture above represents him well - big ole Smokey and his little "little sister" (orphaned kitten) Princess. Princess loved Smokey, she always sat near him, groomed him and followed him around. To post his picture with her is a tribute to his kind and gentle demeanor. Smokey... you were the best and we love you. Rest in peace my dear furry friend...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well... I should be arrested for blog neglect. It's been a month since I posted last - where did February go???????? Lots of things have happened... let's see if I can hit the highpoints...

They say timing is everything and I just managed to grab a spot in the latest round of treasuries! This one is bright and festive, "SUNFLOWERS for the SOUL" - with the week we've had around here, I needed something happy and cheerful! This list will be around through next Tuesday so if you have the chance, stop by and have a look!

I also must send a big THANK YOU to Jessi of JessiJewels for adding one of my pieces to her most recent treasury "ALL THE HUGS"!! Her treasury ends late tonight but I still wanted to give her a bit of blog love. :) Here's her latest materpiece...
I also found myself in a "MILK CHOCOLATE" treasury by MaisyandAlice. The title would make this one a big hit, but it is filled with all sorts of fun and beautiful pieces! Please check out MaisyandAlice too - there are some gorgeous felted pieces in this shop, you'll fall in love with them I'm sure!!!

Just over a week ago, I was also featured in a "LEMON EARS" treasury by ForbesFarm. Sadly, her treasury didn't make it to the blog before it expired - it was gorgeous though and I wanted to thank her too!!! Have a look at all these great sellers: JessiJewels, MaisyandAlice and Forbesfarm - their shops are filled with gorgeous pieces!! Thanks ladies, it was so sweet of you to include me in your beautiful treasuries!! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Again Again Again!

Another great day, relaxing yet productive. I put together a new treasury and waited - I just knew I would be able to capture a spot since treasuries would open this afternoon.... alas, I was wrong! I missed the infamous blue box by 30 minutes. Ugh! So as I scrolled through page after page of new treasuries, imagine my delight when I saw that fabulous golden star - and it belonged to a treasury of a dear Etsy friend!

Sarah Jane of Genuine Article curated a magnificent "Bright, Bold and Beautiful!" treasury! It's so colorful and filled with many gorgeous pieces from other Etsy friends!! This is a treasury worth visiting... but hurry, it expires early early Wednesday morning! And while you're visiting... have a look at Sarah's Etsy shop too. She makes beautiful jewelry - I actually own quite a few pieces and am always receiving compliments!!

Thank you Sarah, adding me to this list is a real honor!! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Again Again

What a nice surprise... I checked the treasury list and found myself in a list curated by MaisyandAlice! I love Jill's felted pieces - you really should have a look in her Etsy shop!!

Her latest treasury, "Cranberry Clouds" is filled with a beautiful combination of cranberry, black and white - please stop by and have a peek at all the gorgeous pieces and other talented Etsy artists! Hurry though, this treasury expires early Monday morning!

Thanks for including my garnet earrings in this awesome list!!! :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Been A Long Time...

... Since I made a treasury! I love this one... it's filled with.... well, I named it "Wish You Had Some Fuzzy Balls?" so I wonder..... :) It expires in 3 days so please stop by! I'm also in a treasury made by my friend Amanda at Chloe Boutique (oh do check out her shop, she has great things and I know since I'm a customer too!!). Her treasury also expires in 3 days and is titled "I LUV my Etsy Friends" so have a look!!

BeadNest Designs



Gymnastics rules in our house! My daughter is a competitive gymnast and we travel all over the State for her to compete. We also love the University of Georgia Gym Dogs and never miss a home meet. On March 29, 2008 the Gym Dogs won their 16th SEC Championship and it was every bit as exciting as we could hope!! In April '08, UGA won their 4th consecutive National Championship at home in Athens GA!!

In 2009 - the theme was "All In For 10" and the GymDogs successfully captured their record setting 10th overall and 5th consecutive national championship!

As the 2010 GymDog season begins, Jay Clark takes the helm as the new coach for the UGA Gymnastics program. We're looking forward to an exciting season!

Goooo Dawgs!

My Gym Girl

My Gym Girl



So you think gymnastics is easy??

So you think gymnastics is easy??

Still think gymnastics is easy?

Still think gymnastics is easy?