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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Lecture - Professor Randy Pausch

With great sadness and surprise, I learned tonight that Professor Randy Pausch passed away from pancreatic cancer on Friday July 25. I didn't know him personally, but was unbelievably touched by a series of reports on ABC News about him and his views on living and life.

I really don't remember the date I saw the original story on his "Last Lecture." I should have been grading papers but was incredibly drawn to him and what he had to say. So I put down my red pen and just stared at the TV, hanging on every word. I was blown away.

His lecture was filled with stories, memories, lessons and metaphor. While the lecture was intended for his children, people across the world found inspiration. There are 2 things Professor Pausch said that have stuck with me all these many months...

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand" - as I come to terms with my own very recent diagnosis with cancer, only now do I fully understand what he meant. I will not ask 'why me?' and shake my fist in anger - why allow those negatives to dictate a life that can and should be rich with love, laughter and yes, even lessons. We do indeed have a choice in how we play our hand...

"The brickwalls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things." The "brickwalls" quote was so powerful, I immediately made a sign and posted it in my classroom so I would remember... Many of my students read it and gently nodded as they realized what it really meant. I will keep that quote on my wall as a reminder, not only for it's true intent but that it came from a man who had a very special message for the millions of us who were willing to listen.

God speed Professor Randy Pausch - your lessons will live on and in your memory.

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In 2009 - the theme was "All In For 10" and the GymDogs successfully captured their record setting 10th overall and 5th consecutive national championship!

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So you think gymnastics is easy??

So you think gymnastics is easy??

Still think gymnastics is easy?

Still think gymnastics is easy?